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Retirement Planning

Prepping for Your Future: How to Plan for Retirement

Did you know that the average person will be retired for 20 years? That means that you need to have enough savings to provide you with 20 years worth of income.

Retirement Planning

What You Need to Know About Investing For Your Retirement

There are three things in life that you cannot avoid. Namely: taxes, aging, and changes in our society. They will affect us regardless of how we feel about them…

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: Mistakes People Make and Their Solutions

Tweet The average retirement age is around 65 years. This doesn’t mean that your life ends there, in fact, according to the National Institute on Aging in America, you can

Retirement Planning

Surviving When You Have No Retirement Savings

Many retirees have some kind of savings that were accumulated over the years; but for low income workers, they may retire with little or no savings, leaving them to rely mainly on Social Security benefits and financial help from loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Planning the Nest Egg for Retirement

If you ask 5 different people to describe retirement to you, you can be guaranteed of 5 different answers. The simple truth is that for various reasons retirement can either be a marvellous never-ending holiday or it can be a tough, stressful day-to-day battle – or somewhere in between.