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Home Buying

Where to Find Foreclosure Deals

Tweet If you do, then there are several ways for you to find a foreclosure and get a hold of the property before someone else snags it. Yes, foreclosures are

Consumer Tips

Get Qualified to Rent a House

Tweet If you are planning to rent a house, your credit report will most likely be pulled by your landlord or property manager to determine whether you pay your bills

Consumer Tips

Mortgage Crisis? Beware of the Predatory Lender!

Tweet With the U.S. housing market experiencing one of its worst downturns in memory, consumers who are in a position to refinance their mortgages in a bid to improve their

Money Management

You Can Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Tweet Financially strapped consumers are losing their homes to foreclosure as higher mortgage payments and other expenses are making it difficult for some to keep up with payments. Although foreclosures