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How to Tell if Your Home Has Asbestos and What to Do About It

Some older homes in residential areas may have asbestos in them that could be dangerous to anyone living there. Although new data over the years gives homeowners insights into the dangers of this material now, the issues asbestos can cause were not always known.

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How to Save Big Bucks on Home Repair

One broken appliance can set your budget on edge. A pattern of plumbing, electrical or building problems may put you in the modern equivalent of a poor house.

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Simple Gutter Repairs You Can Handle Yourself

Tweet We replaced the gutters on our home less than two years ago when we had the roof replaced. Good thing too: the gutters were in bad shape, leaking in

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When You Need To Hire A Plumber

Tweet A few years ago our family moved to a new area of the country, far from the familiar roots of our New Jersey neighborhood. Within the first month we

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Foreclosures: Wise Investment or Money Trap?

Tweet I was having a discussion with a friend last week when our conversation turned to the housing market. Bleak news upon bleak news for some people, but not for

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Considering Renovating? Do It Now!

Tweet Undertaking any renovation project means considering all aspects of the work to be done before getting started. Cost, hiring contractors, possible temporary displacement from your home, and the like