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Which Type of Home Loan is Right for You?

Many potential homeowners find that the two most important decisions they must make are the choice of the home itself, and the choice of the home loan.

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Refinancing your home mortgage – When and why would you opt for it?

Tweet If you want to opt to refinance home mortgage then you should have a clear idea about what it is all about. Refinancing your mortgage wouldn’t pay off your

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You Can Get Out Of The Mortgage Financing Mess!

Tweet The big word for 2007 was sub-prime, at least according to the American Dialect Society which has been tracking word trends since 1990. This is fitting because the news,

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Questionable Lending or Consumer Foolishness?

Tweet Playing the Blame Game Since the beginning of 2007, news reports have been focusing on the upsurge of mortgage foreclosures with many stories slanted to cover the questionable lending