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Tax Tips

Year-End Tax Tips and Strategies

Tweet New taxes are likely to show up over the next few years as America wrestles with its deep debt and as the impact of national healthcare kicks in. To

Tax Tips

Tips for Maximizing Your Schedule A Tax Deductions

Tweet By Jane Sanders Every American has an obligation to pay his or her share of income taxes, but there is no need to overpay! You can significantly reduce your

Tax Tips

Tax Deadlines: Don’t Ever Miss Them!

Tweet It’s tax season! Yes, we’re in that time of year when companies are scrambling to issue 1099, W-2 and other tax forms and taxpayers are deciding whether to buy

Tax Tips

Home Office Income Tax Deductions

Tweet If you have a home office, the IRS allows you to take deductions whether you’re self-employed or an employee. You must use that office exclusively and regularly for business

Tax Tips

Income Taxes: Deducting Health Related Expenses

Tweet If you itemize your tax return, you can deduct health insurance and related costs when you file your return. Medical expenses of all kinds can be deducted ranging from