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Health Tips

The Health Connection Between Your Mouth And Body

Tweet That’s because there are many connections between oral health and your overall health. Keeping your teeth clean can help keep you healthier overall. Your mouth is the gateway to

Health Tips

Dental Care & Your Health: How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Well-Being

Tweet You may have heard it over and over again that dental and oral care are important but you may not have been told how brushing (or not brushing) everyday

Health Tips

The Value of Getting Regular Dental Visits

Tweet Even though these three are the best activities you can do for your oral health, visiting your dentist is also a crucial step. In this post, you’ll learn the

Consumer Tips

Maintaining Your Family’s Dental Health

Tweet Lack of routine dental care and not practicing good oral hygiene is a major cause of periodontal disease in adults. Proper oral hygiene should be taught and practiced at

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Small Business Costs: Employee Benefits

Tweet Even before an employee begins her first day of work, she has already cost your company some money. Recruiting expenses including newspaper and on-line ads, agency fees and background