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Consumer Tips

Role of Consumer Tips to the Modern Consumer

Today’s consumer faces many risks that stem from either scammers, counterfeits, or information theft. E-commerce, proliferation of brands, and globalization are some of the factors that have increased the risks.

Consumer Tips

How to Kill Zombie Debt

Some debt never seems to die. Or at least no one has “told” that debt that it is long dead. From the tales of the undead comes zombie debt, what represents very old and uncollected debt that companies may have given up on collecting.

Consumer Tips

Keep These Consumer Tips in Mind This Christmas

The busyness of the holiday season can add pressure to shoppers who may find themselves attempting to juggle multiple responsibilities including shopping for gifts. On average, consumers spend more than $700 on Christmas gifts, hard-earned money that few of us give fritter away.

Credit Cards

New Rights For Credit Card Holders Start Today

Tweet Beginning today, consumers have new rights under the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act. New rules designed to protect consumers are being rolled out in steps with full

Home Financing

FBI Reports Mortgage Fraud Is On The Rise

Tweet As if struggling homeowners don’t have enough to worry about: the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reporting that mortgage fraud is on the rise. In a report released