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What Is Your Home Worth?

Tweet If you are planning to sell your home or simply curious as to what it may be worth, finding out its current market value is something that is easy

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Preparing Your Home FSBO

Tweet With the housing market the way it is, homeowners who are planning to sell understand that it is a buyer’s market in most areas of the country. Gone are

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Clean Out The Clutter & Hold A Yard Sale

Tweet Quick, what are some of the favorite past times for Americans? If you named baseball, cook outs, and Disney vacations then you’d have picked three that definitely fit. Allow

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Foreclosures And A Lease/Buyback Option

Tweet If a court date has been set for the foreclosure of your home, you might yet be able to stay in your home after the court concludes foreclosure. By

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Online Home Selling — An Option For You!

Tweet The housing market is just beginning to start its annual heat up, just as winter’s cold releases its icy grip on much of the nation. Spring is the season

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Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sell

Tweet The housing market may be tough in some areas of the country, but that doesn’t mean you should hold back placing your home on the market. If you have

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Should You Short Sell Your Home?

Tweet If you are facing an irreversible financial problem, then to “short sell” your home is one method for possibly finding relief from an important debt obligation. With a short

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Housing Prices: Bottoming Out or Still Falling?

Tweet Quick: Home prices have bottomed out or they could still drop an additional 25%. Depending on what you read and whom you believe, you will hear diverging, even contradictory

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January Home Sales Drop, But Beat Expectations

Tweet For January 2008, U.S. home sales dropped by 0.4% to an annual pace of 4.89 million homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, which tracks home sales, the

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What Is Your Home Really Worth?

Tweet Our county just went through a lengthy property revaluation process which took nearly two years to complete. Every home in Wake County, North Carolina was reassessed which was the

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You Can Sell Your Home In December

Tweet The holidays really aren’t a bad time to sell your home The hustle and bustle of the holiday season means that people are preoccupied with shopping, baking, going to

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R/E Agent vs. FSBO: How Will You Market Your Home?

Tweet If you are planning to sell your home, will you be using the services of a real estate agent or will you be going the for sale by owner

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Running The Numbers Will Maximize Your Home’s Selling Price

Tweet If you are preparing to sell your house, determining the best home selling price will move your home faster and help you walk away with more money in your