7 Street Presence Home Selling Tips

7 Street Presence Home Selling Tips


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If you are planning to sell your home, then you know that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. If the people pulling up to your home don’t like what they see on the outside, then they won’t be bothered with stepping inside to see what the interior looks like — you’ve already lost a potential buyer.

When real estate agents talk about staging a home, they are referring to arranging the inside of the home in a certain way to maximize its appeal. On the outside, “street presence” or “curb appeal” are two terms commonly used and that is what I’ll cover with you here.

Please read on for some valuable tips that can make a difference for you, especially in a  slow-selling housing market:

Luscious Landscaping — You may enjoy the gardens in front of your home, but a potential buyer may not, especially if what you are growing could mean a lot of work for them. Trim back all unnecessary shrubbery and if that maple tree in the front yard looks sickly, cut it back or remove it.

Paint or Replace Siding — Peeling paint or loose siding can be a drag on any possible sale — you need to make sure that your home doesn’t scream immediate repairs needed when offered for sale.

Update the Garage Doors — If your garage is behind your home, then how it looks isn’t too much of a concern. However, if it is attached to your home and facing the street, what sort of impression do the doors make? Replace that drab, windowless garage door with a contemporary or classic design that includes windows.

Make a Grand Entrance — Your home’s front door and surrounding railings and trim could possibly use some updating. If a door is peeling, then paint it, if lighting is dated, then update it, and if molding is lacking, consider adding it. Thinkflair when redesigning your homes exterior.

Fix Those Fixtures — Broken or drab light fixtures should be replaced. Installing one outdoor post light can have a profound affect on the way your home looks; consider replacing older doorway lights and security lights if they have not aged gracefully.

Replace Gutters and Downspouts — They may not leak and they could still do a decent job of directing water away from the house, but rusty gutters and downspouts can detract from a home’s appearance. If paint won’t do the job, then replace.

Update the Roof, Replace as Needed — Your current roof may pass home inspection, but will it pass the scrutiny of a buyer? The shingles may be fine, but updating the entrance way to incorporate a gabled roof could be a wise move on your part.

Of course, these recommended changes could cost you several thousands of dollars to carry out, but it could be the investment needed to move your home. In a slow-selling market, you need every advantage you can get. Don’t scare off potential home buyers with a home that isn’t attractive to them.


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