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I.D. Theft Remains #1 Consumer Complaint

Tweet What was the chief complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2007? If you guessed “identity theft” then you answered correctly. Last year, the FTC tallied more

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Car Loan Applications Done Right

Tweet You’ve found the car that you want and at a price that you can afford. Well, at a price that you can afford if you are able to wrap

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Payday Lending Under Legislative Scrutiny

Tweet Payday loans, those easy to get but expensive to pay off unsecured personal loans, are coming under intense scrutiny in many states across America. Consumer advocates are pushing for

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Explaining Your Loan Qualifying Ratios

Tweet If you are planning to refinance your home, get your first mortgage, or apply for any other type of consumer credit, your housing and debt-income ratios will be tightly

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Unearthing Terrific Deals On Luxury Cars

Tweet The recent drop in car sales for the month of January 2008 (4.3% according to Autodata Corp. which tracks auto sales) wasn’t a surprise to industry experts. Mostly everyone

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What Are No Credit Credit Cards?

Tweet There are thousands upon thousands of credit cards available to consumers, a dizzying array of choices virtually impossible to compare side by side. Airline rewards cards, cash back cards,

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Fixed Rate Mortgages Trump Adjustables

Tweet On the surface, adjustable (variable) rate mortgages (ARMs) look like a better deal, particularly as these loans allow buyers to afford a larger home and/or receive a lower interest

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Christmas Is A Memory, The Bills Are Not

Tweet If you delayed your Christmas shopping until the days just before the holiday, then you probably escaped the early January credit card bills that tend to show up around

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Your Credit Score and Mortgage Qualifying

Tweet This is one in a series of articles related to the sub-prime mortgage mess that dominated the news in 2007 and will likely continue to be big news throughout

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Fed Rate Cut Opens A Window For Refinancers

Tweet The Federal Reserve Bank cut interest rates by three quarters of a point this week, opening a window for consumers who need to refinance their homes. With hundreds of

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Refinance Your Mortgage Before The New Higher Rate Kicks In

Tweet If you took out an adjustable rate loan within the past three to five years, 2008 could be the year of reckoning for you. That 3/1 or 5/1 mortgage

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Say “Good-Bye” To No-Doc Mortgages!

Tweet This is one in a series of articles related to the sub-prime mortgage mess that dominated the news in 2007 and will likely continue to be big news throughout

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Financing Guides Are A Smart Idea

Tweet Before you take out a loan, apply for credit or consider any other borrowing mechanism, how thorough are you in researching all of your options? With the internet, it

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Finding & Buying Your Next Car

Tweet What are your financing options? Last month, a few weeks before the year came to a close, I decided to track via my auto blog many of the major

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You Can Get Out Of The Mortgage Financing Mess!

Tweet The big word for 2007 was sub-prime, at least according to the American Dialect Society which has been tracking word trends since 1990. This is fitting because the news,