Dealbreakers When Looking To Buy a New Home

Dealbreakers When Looking To Buy a New Home
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    Homes are a huge investment that you could potentially spend the next few decades paying off.

    Because of the immense price, you're going to want to save as much money as possible when you initially purchase the house and, as well as to prepare for future repairs and renovations.


But it all starts when you’re looking through homes and inspecting what they have to offer—both the good and the bad. Consider a few dealbreakers when looking to buy a new home to help guide your purchases and what to say no to.

Foundational Issues

The entire structure of the house depends on the foundation; if there are problems with the foundation, the whole house is at risk. There are several signs to look out for that may warn you about a faulty foundation, such as uneven floors, moisture on lower levels, and doors or windows that tend to stick.

  • Stability of The Foundation

    If you have concerns about the foundation, hire an inspector for a closer look at the durability. Some foundations can crack and shift over time, but they’re still safe to use after some minor repair works. Know which foundations are too far gone and which ones only need a quick fix. 

Trouble With Plumbing and Water

Trouble with plumbing and water pipes can cause all sorts of long-term damage to ceilings, floors, and walls that can cost thousands to repair. If a home has a history of these issues, then that means most likely means you’ll need to gut the existing piping system and have it replaced. 

  • Filtration Options

    While not necessarily a dealbreaker, you will have to see what the situation is with the home’s water filtration system. The previous homeowners may have let their system deteriorate, leading you to purchase a new one.

    You will need to think about water purification options to clean your house water sufficiently.

Roof Damage

Because of the harsh weather conditions they may be subject to, roofs will need repair work done every so often to prevent leaks, cracks, and other damages. These routine repairs are normal, but when you purchase a house, the roof can be a point of contention between you and the seller. They may see the roof as suitable, but you may have your concerns about how durable it is.

  • Negotiate The Repairs

    When these situations come up, you’ll need to negotiate a lower price to compensate for the repairs you’ll need to do or tell them you’re not interested unless they do the repairs themselves.

    The deal-breaking comes when they refuse to lower the price, as well as refuse to make the necessary repairs.

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Be Okay With Walking Away

You may find your dream home somewhere, but the foundational issues and ongoing repair costs may make it prohibitively expensive in the long run. Be aware of the dealbreakers when looking to buy a new home and prepare yourself to turn down a home that, while you may love, is objectively in poor condition.

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