How to Use e-Commerce Reviews to Engage Your Consumers?

How to Use e-Commerce Reviews to Engage Your Consumers?
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    When you're in e-commerce, every customer matters. You need to develop a strategy that tracks down and measures how your entire target audience reacts to your products, special offers, and marketing strategy.


You also need to find a way to actively engage them and have them become loyal shoppers. Customer reviews can be a powerful tool for consumers’ engagement if you know how to use them right.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Let’s take a closer look at how to use e-commerce reviews to engage your consumers actively.

Influence Buying Decisions

If you’ve read anything about the psychology of the shopper, you must’ve heard about the phenomenon called the “social proof”.
Social proof is what everyone is looking for before they make a purchase:

  • evidence that others already bought it
  • evidence that the others are happy with the product

To put it simply, social proof gives reassurance to those trying to make up their mind whether to buy or not. And customer reviews are the best and most successful form of social proof you can offer.

That means that customer reviews will offer:

  • encouragement
  • boost in shopping decisions

You should use customer reviews to engage your consumers and have them believe in the quality of your products.

Show Credibility

Now, let’s talk about credibility. Do you know how you always do a little background check before you decide to trust a certain online shop and buy something form them?

The truth is, everyone does this, and if you don’t have anything to show to your potential consumers, you’re going to lose them. This is why customer reviews can serve as a great way to show:

  • credibility
  • trustworthiness
  • confidence

By opening the reviews section for everyone to write in, you show that you have nothing to hide and aren’t afraid of what people are going to write. This will give your consumers a reason to engage with you and motivation to continue shopping from your e-commerce.

Combine With UGC

As you know, there are those online stores that allow people to post self-made images of the products they’ve received. This usually happens within the reviews section and is an addition to their comment about their level of satisfaction.

This type of user-generated content is extremely powerful and can work wonders for your customers’ engagement strategy. The main reason is the difference between the UGC and the images you post.

Your product description section offers images that are:

  • professional
  • made in a studio
  • advertised by models

On the other hand, the images your customers can find in the reviews section are different:

  • made by real-life consumers
  • realistic
  • show how it looks like or works with regular people

Without the studio and the models, your consumers can understand what they’re actually buying and will be much more willing to go through with the purchase.

Therefore, make sure you motivate your consumers to leave reviews and add their own images of the products in question.

Show You Care

So far, we’ve only covered the positive reviews, but is it possible for the negative reviews to bring you something good?
It is!

Negative reviews can help build an even stronger reputation among consumers and seal your credibility once and for all. Naturally, you’ll have to know how to respond to negative criticism.

So, the next time you receive a negative customer review, you need to show your consumers the following:

  • you’re sorry
  • you understand the problem
  • you’ll try to solve it
  • you’re grateful for the comment since you’ll use it to improve your services

Make sure your responses are professional and accurately written. Check out these best writing companies in case you need help.
In addition, you can offer the unsatisfied customer a coupon or a discount as a way to say you’re sorry and you’d like to keep them as a customer.

Building this type of honest relationship with your customers will help you engage them more and gain their trust in the long run.

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Improve SEO

To get your potential customer to be more engaged, you have to help them find you and access you. Learning about SEO can ensure you rank higher on Google and come up in the search results of your target audience.

It may come as a surprise to you, but reviews can help you to boost the SEO of your e-commerce and raise brand awareness within your target audience.

Here’s how it works:

  • people leave reviews on your e-commerce
  • they use keywords and mention your brand
  • you get to write an answer and use other keywords freely

All of this signalizes the algorithms and search engines that your e-commerce is worth the mention and attention. This improves your SEO strategy and boosts your rankings higher.

Therefore, make sure that you carefully craft every answer to the reviews that you receive and use it to boost your SEO and get your consumers engaged.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the process of boosting your consumers’ engagement can be demanding and complex. Still, with the right strategy in mind, you can achieve the results you want without too much trouble.

Use the tips listed above and start working on a new, improved version of your engagement strategy. Make the right moves and you’ll feel the positive results sooner than you expect.

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