4 Ways Families Can Save on Funeral Expenses

4 Ways Families Can Save on Funeral Expenses
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    A death in the family can be devastating both emotionally and financially.

    Funerals are getting more and more expensive with the average costing around $9,000.


If your family was not prepared to undergo this large expense, it can seem devastating. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate costs, which will help you and your family deal with the stress and grief of this trying time. Remember that there are resources and people who are willing to help you.

Here are four easy ways that you can help your family save money on funeral expenses.

Consider Purchasing the Casket Online

One thing you can do to cut costs is to purchase the funeral casket online. Traditionally, people would purchase caskets from the funeral home that was doing the service.

This is very costly as most metal caskets run a few thousand dollars.

Instead, you can simply order a casket online for under $1,000. Most places will be able to ship the casket within a day or two. All funeral homes must accept caskets, regardless of whether they were purchased from them directly.

By buying online, you can avoid one of the major costs of a funeral.

Consider Cremation

Cremation is not only cheaper than a burial, it’s also environmentally friendly. If your deceased loved one didn’t clearly specify their wishes, you may want to consider cremation over a traditional burial.

Places like Damar Kaminski Funeral Home & Crematorium can provide cremation costs that are a couple of thousand dollars less than a casket and burial service.

If you do decide to go with the process of cremation, ensure that you supply your own urn. You can get them online for fairly cheap as compared to the cost at the funeral home.

Skip the Embalming

Traditionally, if you held a public viewing, you had to have the body embalmed. Embalming is a form of preservation. However, if you’re skipping the public service, you can skip the embalming process.

As long as the private service is held within one to two days from the death date, the funeral home won’t require embalming. This can save your family a good $700 in funeral costs.

Donate the Body to Science

Many people are under the false assumption that when they choose to donate a body to science they’ll never see it again. The truth is that most donation centers will cremate the body and return it to the family members within a couple of weeks.

other valuable tips:

Science Care is one of the most popular medical research programs that will cover the cost of filing for the death certification, transportation of the body, and cremation. These programs do require that the deceased person qualifies for their program. Some programs may reject deceased persons who had infectious diseases like AIDs.

Saving money on funeral expenses can help to alleviate some of the burdens that your family is dealing with. The above are four great suggestions for limiting the cost of a person’s funeral. By combining many of these tips together, you can really cut down the cost of a funeral.

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