Does Your Business Need A Tax Lawyer?

Does Your Business Need A Tax Lawyer?
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    Do you have property or business overseas? Are you unsure of taxes to be duly paid?

    While an accountant may be able to tell you the financial situation of your company, he or she may not be the best person to advise you on tax submissions.


Tax attorneys are lawyers specializing in the heavily technical and complex field of tax law. Their expertise lies in handling the most complex, technical ever-changing legal issues that are directly linked to your tax situation. Both individuals and businesses have benefited in the past from employing one, especially if you are looking to save costs from fines.

You can find a tax lawyer searching online or through recommendations from other businesses. However, how do you know if your business really needs one?

If your business fits within one of these scenarios, you may need a board-certified tax attorney. Read on to know more.

You are a start-up business

Consulting a tax attorney early on can help you anticipate tax outcomes associated with different types of companies- limited liability, Corp, S-Corp, whatever the type.

A tax attorney can assist in avoiding possible IRS fines and unnecessary interests your business may have to pay to avoid legal issues.

If you plan to start your business in another country, a tax attorney can advise you of local regulations and update you on any changes in the tax rules of the country.

  • International business

    Are you involved with international businesses? You may need to consult with a tax attorney for help on contracts, tax treatments and other legal matters relevant to your business.

  • A case against IRS

    If your business is under criminal investigation for fraud or if you want an independent review of your case by the local Tax court, you’ll need representation. A tax attorney can assess the situation and offer timely representation on behalf of your business.

  • You owe taxes back

    If you as a business owe a generous amount of money as tax back to the government, it may be worth speaking with a tax attorney to help you work out an agreement. Whichever your scenario, searching for tax attorneys who will go the extra mile for you is vital. Investing to have a good tax lawyer onboard has many benefits that businesses alike can benefit from.

Benefits of employing a tax lawyer:

If you are a business owner, you will be familiar with how busy it can get. Most of your time gets spent in ensuring the business is running seamlessly with profits to be earned. It’s easy for you to miss filing tax forms or do your due diligence. There are two main ways a tax attorney can help you. One, by helping to plan and the other, to defend against audits, accusations or misconduct from the tax body.

  • Planning tax submissions

    A tax attorney can advise you on tax advantages for the type of business you can have. They can also help find advantages with tax deductions that are legally available to you.

  • Transfer the tax burden

    Tax attorneys allow you to concentrate on your business wholeheartedly while they deal with the legal tax bits and a good tax lawyer can decrease the client’s tax burdens with their timely advice, planning, and defense.

  • Cost-effective

    Although you are led to believe attorneys are expensive, this is one expense that is worth the penny. Hiring a tax attorney can save you costs that you would otherwise pay in fines and interests to the government. Tax attorneys are worth the fee you pay with the minimization in tax liability they do.

other valuable tips:
  • Tax code knowledge

    Tax codes are never-ending. As a business owner, you probably won’t have the time to read through the fine lines and are actually more susceptible to errors. A tax attorney is well versed in these codes and knows how to apply them correctly.

    Some tax attorneys come with an accountancy background too. This proves to be very beneficial for a business as he or she can have a deep understanding of business income. Look for a tax attorney who can cover both aspects. Protect your business income by filing tax returns correctly.

Do not forget to look for reviews before choosing a good tax attorney. Do your due diligence by ensuring taxes are paid on time with minimal error. After all, taxes are a compulsory payment made to the government and it’s important to see this payment as part of economic growth too. Speak to a tax attorney to ensure you are doing your bit on time.

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