Fascinating Tips for When You Go Mattress Shopping

Fascinating Tips for When You Go Mattress Shopping
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    Choosing the best mattress for you is not as easy as walking into a store and picking up one.

    So much has to go into procuring a mattress.


The most agreeable fact is that a frugal and cheap mattress option does not necessarily translate to economy. Such mattresses will need replacement; and they are not that comfortable. It’s nice to pamper yourself and splurge on a good mattress. It is an investment worthy of your money since that’s the place you get to wind down completely after a day and plan to increase your productivity.


As is the paradigm with most industries nowadays, technology has found its way to the sleep industry. Mattresses evolve by the minute and new types of foam, filling materials, and springs are discovered. The bed is supposed to be therapeutic, making breathability and air circulation very paramount. Nectar is a popular memory foam mattress company because of its cover material Tencel. It is made of long staple cotton and as a result, the material is cooler than linen, softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton.

Consider your body condition

A common myth is that an orthopedic mattress is the right one for your health. Is it true? Orthopedic mattresses are almost the hardest mattresses you’ll ever get. If you have no broken body parts that need a rigid position, an orthopedic mattress is unnecessary for you. Unwarranted sleep on such a mattress will cause stiffness, numbness and general body pains. For people with allergies like asthma, choosing a mattress made of hypoallergenic material is your best bet.

Your body weight also matters and affects how long it will last. Developments in the best mattress 2017 technology have allowed for mattresses to be split in the middle to accommodate partners of different weight.

Research on the foam type and filler material

Depending on the number of smiles you want to wake up with, choose the type of mattress foam based on which offers the greatest body support and body pressure relief coupled with breathability. A spring mattress’s comfort is determined by the number of springs, firmness, the angle of the springs and the type of filler material. Have prior knowledge of the tension of the springs and their weight limit.

V-springs are a prime choice as they support more weight as compared to other spring options. Foams such as viscoelastic foam get rid of pressure points to ensure equal distribution of body weight. Also getting a foam material that is resistant to bugs is necessary. The best foam shall provide just the right amount of sink and fit just about snug on your silhouette.

Foam density/rigidity

Foam density refers to how much force you will have to apply to sink the mattress surface. It is important to know how hard or soft a mattress is to decide how much weight it can support and estimate its lifeline. Rigidity determines how a mattress responds to your changing positions and shifting weight. Softer mattresses make for a cozier snug feeling while a hard mattress is preferable by people with back pain.

Warranty and value for money

Eventually, mattress choice melts down to the best economy for your budget. Buying a good mattress is a guarantee that your sleep is going to be worth every buck. The best mattresses come with up to a lifetime warranty. Some manufacturers give a free trial period of more than 60 days. Trial period offers ample time to make the best buy. Cheap mattresses are an economic knock off and will have limited warranties and costs of replacement will pile up to the expense of a good memory foam mattress. It is prudent to save by buying a high-grade mattress once instead of ending up leaving the bed for the couch.

Choice of Mattress topper

The goal of a mattress is to be the ultimate comfort. A good topper will do just that. The rate of heat retention and dissipation are a matter of personal preference. It is imperative to note that toppers will be changed to fit your specific needs.

Sujain Thomas is an athlete and writer who believes in sleep as the best therapy. She has dedicated her time to research on sleep and its health properties. She has published several papers and written for several renowned newspapers to educate people on the benefits of a good mattress. See the reviews for the best mattress 2017.


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