How to Keep a DUI from Destroying Your Finances

How to Keep a DUI from Destroying Your Finances
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    Most people charged for a DUI aren’t what you would think of as criminals.

    They simply had a night out with friends and headed home without thinking about the consequences.


Unfortunately, getting a DUI can lead to many penalties. You may get your license suspended, and you may even get jail time. Most commonly, you’ll get charged with a hefty fine. You didn’t factor this fine into your budget, and you may not have the funds to pay the DUI charge and pay your bills.

Here are a few things you can do to keep a DUI from draining your bank account.

Use a Designated Driver

The best way to prevent a DUI charge is to prevent a DUI in the first place. Even if you’re not planning on getting drunk, you may end up drinking more than you anticipated. To avoid a dangerous driving scenario, arrange in advance for a sober friend to pick you up. Or, use public transportation to get home.

Control Your Alcohol Intake

If you must drive, the best course of action is to avoid drinking entirely. But if you do drink, you can use an online calculator to calculate your blood alcohol level (BAC). Remember, to avoid a DUI, you must stay well below a 0.08 BAC. Your BAC is influenced by:

  • How much you drink
  • What type of drinks you drink
  • Your weight
  • Your gender
  • How long you’ve been drinking

These calculators will estimate your BAC level based on these factors. Use these calculators to determine how much you can safely drink before driving. But keep in mind that they will not be 100% accurate, so drink as little as possible.

Hire a Defense Attorney

If you do get charged with a DUI, you can reduce or eliminate your charges with help from a defense attorney. A defense attorney can evaluate many factors that may help you lower your charges, including vetting a breath test defense in Columbus for your specific case. Some examples include:

  • The breath test may not be accurate
  • The testing officer may not have certification
  • The officer may not have told you your right to get a second, independent test
  • The officer may not have had a probable cause to stop you
  • The officer may not have advised you about implied consent before administering the tests

A defense attorney can work with you to gather evidence and take your case to trial.

Don’t let DUI charges become a huge financial strain. Decrease your chances for DUI charges by following these steps.


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