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Home Improvement

5 Money Saving Home Improvement Projects

Tweet By Nick Williams Homeowners know that when it comes to home improvement, deciding to invest in one project may come at the cost of not doing another one. Sometimes

Home Improvement

5 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Into Your Dream Come True

Tweet By Jonathan Bentz A kitchen isn’t just a room in your house where you cook — it also serves as the family conference room, a place to share problems

Travel Tips

Off Season Traveling: How It Can Save You Money

Tweet By Ryan Embly The summer travel season is over but your family wants to get in one last vacation before winter. If the seasonal rains haven’t arrived yet, you

Consumer Tips

How To Christmas Shop Without Going Into Debt

Tweet By Lauren Dzuris It’s almost that time of year again.  Like every year, the Christmas holiday seems to sneak up on us so quickly.  Before we know it the weather has


Republican Landslide: Now What?

Tweet The Republican Party is being swept back into power in the U.S. House of Representatives and has chipped away at Democrat dominance in the U.S. Senate. President Obama, who

Consumer Tips

Should You Work with a Health Insurance Broker?

Tweet By Tom Rodgers Figuring out what type of health insurance to get (and how much coverage you need) is not an easy endeavor. A lot of people end up

Consumer Tips

Looking for an ENERGY STAR space heater? Give up now…

Tweet By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg Seen the forecasts for heating fuels prices? Yep, they’re going up again… so you may be looking into cheaper, more efficient ways to heat your home

Consumer Tips

How to Rent a Home

Tweet The American dream has become the American nightmare for millions of people who have soured on the idea of home ownership. Unless you voluntarily relinquished your home you’re not