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Policy Group Calls for Earmark Transparency

Tweet Tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer monies are routinely funneled to congressional districts each year, earmarks directed to cover the cost of a special project or destined for

Money News

Home Values Continue To Sink Nationwide

Tweet California stabilization not enough to offset first quarter drop Home values in most markets across the United States continued to fall during the first quarter of 2010 according to

Home Tips

Need A Tenant? Consider These Points First!

Tweet There is a home in our neighborhood owned by a landlord and rented out to tenants. It is one of the largest homes on our street, with a double

Business Services

Managing Your Business During Tough Times

Tweet Analysts say that the Great Recession which began in December 2007 came to an end some time last summer, but all evidence suggests that tough economic times are still

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How To Plan Your Garage Sale

Tweet When is the best time to hold a garage sale? That’s easy: whenever you’re ready! Seriously, there is a lot more to holding a garage sale than sticking up

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How to Save Money on Outdoor Furniture

Tweet Warmer weather means people are spending many more hours outside, enjoying their decks, patios, porches, pools, and lawns. For at least three months of the year, families all across

Home Tips

How to Reduce Deer Damage

Tweet White-tailed deer are among the most graceful of all of God’s creatures. But they also have a reputation for multiplying, establishing their homes near humans, and foraging through suburban

Home Tips

How To Build Your Compost Pile

Tweet We humans generate plenty of waste, from what we flush down the toilet to the scraps of leftover foods we don’t consume. As Americans, we expend more than our

Consumer Financing Home Improvement

How to Finance Your Home Improvement Project

Tweet Undertaking a home improvement project can be a daunting task, with the homeowners working closely with their architect to discuss what they would like to have done for their