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Tried & True Auto Advice May Be False

Passenger vehicles have been made for more than a century now and over that time cars have changed dramatically.

Autos Express

Acura TSX: Baseline Luxury!

Tweet Luxury car buyers remain in the market, but like the astute consumers many are, value is also important to them. Honda’s Acura line has the right blend of luxury,

Home Selling

Smart Tips To Help You Prepare Your Home For Sale

Tweet Spring is here and with the warmer weather comes a surge of homes available for sale. The 2010 market may be tempered a bit with some local markets still

Home Buying

Time Running Out On Home Buyer’s Tax Credit

Tweet April 30, 2010 is a date circled in red on the calendars of some home shoppers. That is the last day when prospective home buyers can enter into an

Home Tips

You Can Get Your Yard Spring Ready

Tweet Have you had enough of winter yet? I know that I have. And, I don’t even live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Still, chilly days

Money News

Ford Success Underscores Power of Private Enterprise

Tweet Make no mistake about it: the Ford Motor Company has been showing some very impressive results lately. Last year the automaker posted a $2.7 billion profit, a stunningly large

Money News

Facebook Slow To Consider Going Public

Tweet Facebook continues to grow at a meteoric pace with some 400 million people registered with the world’s most popular social networking site. But what Facebook isn’t rushing to do

Career Planning

Survey Says Retirement Is A Dream For Some

Tweet Putting off retirement for valid reasons Some employees long for the day when the shackles of work have finally been removed from them. For most people that event comes

Money News

Can the US Postal Service Bring Forth Effective Change?

Tweet Money losing government enterprise paints bleak future for itself The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a perennial money loser despite raising rates annually and attempting to get its

Consumer Tips

Appliance Rebate Program Overwhelms Websites

Tweet All fifty US states and six territories and the District of Columbia are participating in a federally funded appliance rebate program, one that has its roots in the American

Tax Tips

Last Minute Tax Filing Strategies

Tweet My federal and state taxes are done and filed, completed weeks earlier than they were last year. I set out to do my taxes early, but I still had