Spring Cleaning & Home Improvement

Spring Cleaning & Home Improvement


Home Improvement Time

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The parking lots at the big box home improvement stores in my area are jammed pack most days, particularly on the weekends. With winter behind us, spring is definitely here and with this new season homeowners are taking a look at various home improvement projects they can do for themselves.

Spring is the most popular season to tackle most jobs as homeowners prefer to spend their summers in pursuit of leisure activities. Who wants to spend valuable time painting a fence or sealing a driveway when the pool, tennis court, or a beach house beckons? Not me!

Spring Has Sprung

So, without further delay let’s take a look at some home improvement projects you can do yourself or, if your budget and mind are set on other things, jobs which you can turn over to your favorite contractor.

Your Spring Home Improvement Guide

Driveway — Once the flowers and buds have fallen off of the trees and overnight temperatures stay well above freezing, consider resealing your asphalt driveway. A few buckets of sealant and a sturdy push broom will do, a job that can usually be completed within 2 or 3 hours.

Lawn — Before applying fertilizer and reseeding, you’ll need to aerate your lawn. If you have a pair of soccer cleats, then put them on and take a walk around the yard. Or, use your ski poles to do the trick. This job will take 1 or 2 hours to complete.

Deck — Putting sealant on your deck is important, especially if you haven’t done this in years. Extend the life of your favorite outdoor gathering spot and set aside about half of a Saturday by carefully applying the right amount of sealant for your deck.

Pool — People living in warmer climates keep their pools filled year ’round, even if it is too cool to swim. For everyone else, pool maintenance starts just before summer and goes on throughout the swimming season. Inspect the pool’s lining for cracks; check the drainage, heater, and pumps; make sure that child safety features are working; buy new chemicals; fill the pool up; etc. I don’t own a pool, but I know that these project are ongoing.

Garage — I hate clutter! Then again, the garage is the usual place where all of our stuff tends to gather. Spend a few hours one Saturday morning tossing out what you don’t need, donate good stuff to Goodwill or to the Salvation Army, or hang out your garage sale sign and sell everything you don’t need.

Attic — Much like the garage, your attic can easily become the repository for all sorts of junk. If you don’t need it, then move it on out. While you’re up there, check the flooring, walls and roof to see if anything was damaged over the winter. Handle this job yourself or call in a contractor to make the necessary repairs.

Home Exterior — Clean out the gutters, free up the downspouts, touch up paint under the soffits, around the windows and shutters, and your doorways. If your home has siding, examine for damage and replace panels as needed. Consider repainting the home if it hasn’t been touched up in years, a project you can complete within a week’s time.

Home Interior — Touch up paint throughout the house or consider repainting every room, setting aside several weekends during the Spring months to handle this chore. For the bathroom, grouting the shower and tub will keep your bathroom watertight. Recheck windows and doors to secure sealant that may have worked its way loose over the past few months — inspect your central air-conditioning system to make sure that it is ready to go when the first heatwave rolls in.

Time To Relax

If you aren’t tired just reading these tips, you will be once you get the projects going. However, if you tackle the work now, then you’ll have plenty of time to relax beside the pool or at your mountain retreat later with the bulk of the projects behind you.


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