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How to Choose the Right Hybrid Car

Tweet Buying a hybrid vehicle is not a slam-dunk however, as there are many types of hybrids to choose from including the plug-in variety. 1. Determine your budget. Just as

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Facts About Hybrid Cars

Tweet When evaluating the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, there are several things you should keep in mind. Knowing what you’re buying will help prepare you for hybrid ownership and

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How to Finance Your Hybrid Car in 4 Steps

Financing a hybrid car is no different from financing any other model, though the cost of a hybrid is usually a few thousand dollars higher than a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

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Buy A Hybrid Now Or Wait For Government Incentive To Kick In?

Tweet Federal Intervention To Help You Buy The “Right” Car Never underestimate the federal government’s desire to steer consumers to purchase much more fuel efficient cars and get away from