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5 Professional Areas to Work With for Success in your Personal Finance Career

The success of a career in personal finance depends on whom you work with. While advising your clients, you should have realized that you cannot get everything done on your own.

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6 Ways to Save on a Mortgage This Year

Mortgage rates are on the rise, moving away from the historic low rates consumers enjoyed in 2010.

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Senate Agrees To Control Credit Card Practices

Tweet If  you are a proponent of Big Government, then the U.S. Senate’s recent action designed to limit the practices of credit card providers doesn’t come as any surprise to

Credit Cards

You Can Trim Your Credit Card Rate

Tweet Lots of people are infuriated with their banks as they learn that their credit card interest rates have suddenly climbed higher.  These consumers haven’t done anything wrong, having paid

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Is Peer To Peer Lending Right For You?

Tweet One method of borrowing money that has grown in importance over the past few years is peer to peer lending, a way for private lenders (usually individuals) to lend

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During A Crisis, Mortgage Scammers Abound

Tweet When an economic crisis hits – whether personal or national – there is a certain group of people who come out of the woodwork, just like cockroaches, scammers who