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Credit Card Fees Surge For International Purchases

Tweet That American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard that has served you well for so many years could prove more costly to you if you were to use it outside

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Not All Credit Cards Are The Same!

Tweet How many credit cards do you carry? 2? 5? 11? If you were to add up all of your store cards, gas cards and your MasterCard, VISA, American Express,

Credit Cards

Choosing The Right Credit Card Offer

Tweet How many credit cards do you carry? 1, 5, 10, maybe more? Most consumers carry at least one credit card, especialy when you include department store cards, gas station

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Use Your Gift Cards Before They Expire

Tweet You’ve just moved into your new home and the welcome shower given by family members and friends yielded some very desirable gifts. A tiffany lamp, garden tools, and a

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Choosing The Right Credit Card In 2008

Tweet It is a fact: not all credit cards are created equally. Some credit card providers charge annual fees, others offer low introductory rates, while some offer rewards every time