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How is the 2020 Economic Climate Affecting the Housing Market?

The economy was humming along in January and February 2020, which are traditionally slower months of the year for the real estate market. However, COVID-19 related closures, stay-at-home orders, and significant job losses in all sectors of the economy hit the market hard in March.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Neighborhood for Your New Home

Shopping for a new home can be intimidating since you have so much at stake where you decide to plant your roots. In addition to wanting a home that will hold its value, you also want a location that is safe, full of potential, and right for your needs.

Home Buying

Struggling to Afford a Home? Here are 4 Tips to Help

Whether renting an apartment or living out of your parent’s basement, chances are you have imagined it would be nice to own a home of your own.

Home Buying

Why Hire Mortgage Broker For Buying A First Home?

Everyone wants to have their own dream home. No matter how small the house, but calling it your own is a different feeling.

Home Buying

7 Steps for Buying a Home: Searching Homes

Tweet You’ve got the cash for a down payment and you making monthly mortgage payments is something you can handle. With housing prices depressed, now could be a terrific time

Home Buying

7 Steps For Buying Your Next Home

Tweet Whether you are a new homeowner or desiring to make the move to a different residence, the home buying process can be tremendously stressful. Searching for a home, negotiating