Parts That Can Improve the Quality of Your Car’s Performance

Parts That Can Improve the Quality of Your Car’s Performance
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    When you own a car, the main goal is to do whatever you can to help it run for as long as possible.

    While some people only fix what’s broken in order to do this, others take things a step further by actively upgrading their vehicles to ensure a prolonged lifespan.


If that sounds like something you want to do for yours, here’s our list of some parts that can improve the quality of your car’s performance.

Use High-Quality Oil

Even though everyone knows the value of an oil change, they might not know that the quality of the oil you put back in has a major influence on your car’s overall performance.

It’s easy just to tell the mechanic to go with whatever is cheapest, but if you really want your vehicle to last, you should make the change to synthetic oil.

It does a much better job coating the moving parts of your engine, leading to better lubrication and fewer breakdowns.

Upgrade the Air Intake System

Another common item that people often replace is their car’s air filter. Clean air is essential to your vehicle running properly.

However, if that air is also cool, it can give your car a nice little boost. That’s why you should install a cold air intake as well.

This will force the coldest air it can into your engine, which will not only improve performance but increase fuel efficiency as well.

Install a Transmission Cooler

Your engine isn’t the only thing that benefits from cooler air. Cars get pretty hot under the hood, and if your transmission is heating up to an unsafe level, that could spell disaster for it.

Fortunately, transmission coolers can help with this problem.

Installing one will noticeably improve performance, as well as help with some other problems your transmission could run into.

If the one in your vehicle is prone to overheat, there’s a good chance your car came with a cooler preinstalled, but it’s good to check and put one in if you live in a hotter environment.

Fix the Exhaust Pipe

If your car can’t push out exhaust effectively, this will also lead to performance issues. While not overly common, the problem could be a backup somewhere in the exhaust system.

Whether that’s not it or you clear it out, and you’re still having issues, the next best fix is to replace your current pipe with a newer one. The stock exhaust pipe that your car comes with is typically a bit restricting, so replacing it with a wide one that can push more air out will improve your car’s output significantly.

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Buy Better-Quality Tires

When talking about parts that can improve the quality of your car’s performance, most people think about ones that deal with the engine. However, the type of tires you use has a noticeable impact on how well your car drives.

Depending on if you live in an area that gets a lot of ice and snow or experiences very high temperatures, your tires will ride and wear differently. Regardless of which kind you need, don’t cheap out on them if you want them to last.

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