5 Ways People Slide into Serious Debt (and How to Solve Them)

5 Ways People Slide into Serious Debt (and How to Solve Them)


It seems that no matter how much a person tries to avoid debt, the money pit of debt gets deeper and deeper. Before long, it becomes evident that your debt situation has become all-consuming. You may not even earn enough to cover all the debts you owe. Here are five ways people get into serious debt and some simple solutions to try to eliminate that debt.

Living Beyond Your Means

The most common way people get into serious debt is by failing to budget for basic living expenses. They want the fancy car, the biggest cable package, and to eat out at high-end restaurants every night. Unfortunately, their income simply does not cover their expenses. The easiest way to get out of this kind of debt is to begin to budget correctly and recognize that not living high on the hog will actually make it possible to come out ahead financially.

Having Kids

It may not seem apparent at first, but having kids is an expensive decision. Kids must eat, get medical treatment, receive school supplies, and they may want you to support them well into their adult years. One of the best ways to avoid the serious debt that comes with having kids is to choose to avoid having kids. If that is not an option at this time, then you must make every effort to reasonably cut costs to ensure that caring for your kids will fit into your budget. Teaching your kids to earn their own money early on can help to offset many costs down the road; thus, you can save even more money and reduce your debt burden.

Personal Injury

When a person gets hurt in an accident or on the job, their personal injury will often force them to stop working for a time. Unfortunately, a person’s bills keep piling up even if they are not able to work. The resulting serious debt can become overwhelming. To help mitigate the problem of debt caused by personal injury, it helps to work with a competent insurance lawyer capable of getting you the monetary compensation you deserve to offset your accumulating debt.

Gambling and Poor Investment Strategies

According to Mybanktracker.com, gambling is one of the most common reasons for why people go into debt. Another type of debt-generating problem, similar to gambling, is wasting money on poor investment strategies. In both situations, the problem is that you are at a disadvantage of not being able to predict the future outcome of events. To generate real profits, to help yourself out of debt problems resulting from failing to predict the future, it is best to stick with money-making strategies you know are well-tested and proven to generate genuine returns without needing to guess the future.

Serious debt is a horrible financial situation for anyone. Struggling to make ends meet under the burden of unrelenting debt will make it difficult to sleep or even function in any normal financial capacity. It is ultimately up to you to anticipate if the decisions you are making will help you fall further behind financially or if they will help you to move ahead.

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