4 Smart Financial Resolutions For 2011

4 Smart Financial Resolutions For 2011


As 2010 draws to a close, many of us our taking stock of the past year and looking forward to 2011 for one big reason: it won’t be 2010. Or at least we hope that it won’t.

The past three years have been difficult for many Americans as we’ve weathered a historic recession and are in the midst of a very weak recovery. Still, hope springs eternal or at least opportunity hasn’t been completely excised from our souls. Somehow, some way we’ll manage to pull ourselves together no matter what the political set decided to do in Washington, D.C. and in our state capitals.

If you’ve put off planning for the future in order to save the present, 2011 may be a good time to employ certain forward thinking resolutions including the following:

1. Start Saving Money — Americans aren’t the best of savers and many of us are finding that each paycheck is difficult come, easy go. Setting aside a small amount of money can help you meet your goals and keep you from turning to plastic when things get tight. Start with $10 per week and build from there.

2. Check Your Credit — You can get one free copy of each of your three consumer credit reports annually. Experian, Trans Union and Equifax are the three agencies who basically control credit information in the U.S., but Congress requires them to pony up your reports for free once annually on demand. Get your copies at AnnualCreditReport.com and check them for accuracy — dispute errors and obtain corrected copies for free. Having good credit is a must — you never know when you’ll need it.

3. Revise Your Will — You have a will, right? If so, is it current and does it reflect your wishes? If you don’t have a will make one this year. In fact, draw up a draft right now and make an appointment with an attorney during the first week of January.

4. Look Way Ahead — You may have put off long term planning to handle your current affairs, but don’t push your dreams to the side forever. Things will improve in time, but time will continue to press on nonetheless. Better to make plans now which you can execute later as conditions warrant.

Yes, 2010 is about to pass on by — good riddance, some might say. Others say “Good opportunity, if you take advantage of it.”

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