Top 10 Most Annoying Things About the Airport

Top 10 Most Annoying Things About the Airport


By Amy Silver

Look around at the airport. Besides all of the headaches taking place, you may notice that no one is excited. Why not? After all, these people get to see family and friends, go on vacation or expand their business. The problem is the airport. Beyond a doubt, airports are annoying. If you could change anything about them, would any of these things be your target?

1. The crowds.

Walk into an airport at any time and there are people everywhere. Most have no idea where they are going and everyone is in a rush. That leads to a very bad situation for most people.

2. The required two-hour arrival time before your schedule flight.

Two hours in advance you have to be there, but why? You end up waiting in line just as long and you still rush to get there in time.

3. Check in is rough, too.

Checking in used to be simple but today, the process requires weighing bags to make sure that you are not trying to get away with anything. On top of that, you may have to pay a fee for each of those bags anyway.

4. The kids crying really can dampen the spirits.

Parents try their best and most of us have been on that end of the process, too. However, when you are dealing with exhaustion and you have just made your way onto the plane, it is so much worse when you find out there is a crying child next to you.

5. Claiming your baggage can be nerve wracking.

You have to sit and wait for your baggage. Of course, it matches three other people’s bags. You have a pit in the bottom of your stomach, worrying about your luggage being lost or forgotten.

6. The carry-on scanning.

Of course, the threat of terrorism is real, but is there anything more annoying than being told that the formula in your purse or the deodorant stick in your bag is not allowed on the plane?

7. The arguments with those in front of you in the scanning line.

You can hear them and you are five people back. They are arguing about their purse being gone through or the fact that they have to take off their shoes.

8. Parking and walking can be downright harsh!

Have you ever noticed just how far away the car parking is form the airport? Moreover, remembering how to get back to that exact location after a week on the beach is a nearly impossible task.

9. The directional signage that does not make sense.

Where are you supposed to go? It looks like it could be this way or that way.

10. The boredom of the entire process.

Very few steps in this process are anything but boring from the waiting to the sitting.

There is no doubt that airports are boring and annoying. They may be that way for many reasons. And these days with the new security measures, flying with dignity can be tough. We end up dealing with it because we love to travel and to see the world around us. Chin up; airports are not that bad after all.

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Amy Silver is a Public Health student and recently started blogging. She is an animal-lover and a fan of clipping coupons. You can follow her on Twitter @amyjsilver.


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