Beach Rental Vacation Deals and How to Get Them

Beach Rental Vacation Deals and How to Get Them
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    Unless you plan your vacation a year in advance, your chances of finding a beach rental vacation deal are slim at popular destinations. Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Coronado Central Beach, and Hawaii's Kauna'oa Bay are among the most popular beaches in the country, with demand far outstripping availability, thereby inflating vacation rental prices tremendously.


Save money as you hit the road this summer.

You can carve out your own corner of paradise for at least a week and without going broke. Here’s what you can do to secure an affordable beach rental vacation.

Opt For a Timeshare

Yes, timeshares can be a hassle, expensive, and lock you in for years to a certain week at a specific location. For many people the investment is not a sound one. But, we’re talking about you and your needs.

A timeshare at a location you love and for the week or weeks you like to go away can be ideal. You enjoy the security of returning to a known location at a set time of the year. And, you may be able to save quite a bit of money especially long term. If you have some flexibility in timeshare location (i.e., water views, inland, busy road), your options are greater. Look for timeshare deals where a current owner wants out and is willing to sell for a very low price.

Friends and Family Connection

If you don’t own property, you must rent. Chances are you know someone who owns beach property and would love to rent it out to someone they know. Think about it: renting property to a tenant you know removes a lot of worry for landlords.

Your family friend may also cut you some slack with price. You might offer to clean the place before you leave too saving your friend the cost of having it cleaned. Chances are the price that you’ll pay will come in less than comparable properties nearby.

Bundled Vacations Offer Much Value

Have you ever heard of all-inclusive vacations? What this represents is a type of bundled vacation where all expenses are included for one price. You may be responsible for getting yourself to your destination and back, but all your other costs are usually covered.

Those costs typically include lodging, meals, gratuities, entertainment, activities and incidentals. Some packages do include airfare and depending on your vacation plans can include a car rental. All-inclusive vacations are pricey, but there are no hidden costs or surprises to snag you.

Special Perks

You may be the holder of special perks and not even know it. You are a perk holder if you have a credit card that earns points with perhaps enough points to provide a few nights stay free at a hotel. Instead of paying for six nights you may end up paying for three or four. Be mindful of blackout dates during the busy season, however.

Another way to save money is to be flexible where you stay. For couples, a bed and breakfast location may prove much cheaper than a hotel stay. You might also consider staying at a local university’s dorm. Small, private colleges are more likely to rent out space than large public universities. Visit the websites of colleges in the area where you plan to travel.

Vacation Savings

Of course, saving for your vacation year ’round can help you set aside the money you need to pay for your trip. Open up a vacation savings account and fund it with the money you have budgeted. Then, shop for deals to help you stay within your budget.

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