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My Credit Card Was Canceled Without My Authorization!

Tweet You signed up for a credit card earlier in the year and have used it on a fairly regular basis. It has come in handy as you’ve used it

Home Selling

Buying or Selling a Home at Christmas Time

Tweet A home in a neighborhood adjoining the one where I live went on the market shortly before Thanksgiving. In our combined neighborhoods, there are probably no more than a

Travel Tips

Exploring Your Transportation Options

Tweet Anyone who drives regularly knows that the price of gasoline has dropped recently, back to levels not seen since 2003. This is good news for motorists who have been

Consumer Tips

Overdraft Fees Can Be A Real Budget Buster!

Tweet I was helping a friend with his checking account a few years ago as he had taken ill and fallen behind on managing his checkbook. While hospitalized, several automatic

Achieving Success

A Success Building BLOG

Tweet BLOG postings: (link to Achieving Success BLOG for all posts and PDF downloads) Discipline to Success: The Spiritual Attribute Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which

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Debt Solutions, Recession Style

Tweet We’re in a recession, we’re not in a recession. Depending on who you listen to and what barometer of measurement they use, we’ve either been in a recession since

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Is There Ever A Right Time To Buy A Time Share?

Tweet Neighbors of ours recently returned from a trip to the shore where they stayed at a friend’s house. It turns out that these friends lent them the place as

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Consumer Watch: Store Closings And Your Holiday Shopping

Tweet Christmas shoppers will be finding some fantastic buys this holiday season as stores vie for consumer dollars in a bid to hold on in a tough market. Unfortunately, a

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On The First Day of Christmas….

Tweet One of the oldest Christmas songs still be sung is, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” a tune from 18th century England. The song has remained popular because it is