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32 Money Saving Tips For 2011

Tweet As the economy gradually recovers consumers are beginning to open up their wallets, but there isn’t much there. Sure, plastic is an option, but snake-bitten consumers are avoiding borrowing

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Hundreds of Flights Cancelled Due to Historic Blizzard

Tweet It may not end up being the most significant blizzard when the final snow totals are tallied, but it will prove to be one of the most disruptive. A

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Top 10 Most Annoying Things About the Airport

Tweet By Amy Silver Look around at the airport. Besides all of the headaches taking place, you may notice that no one is excited. Why not? After all, these people

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Off Season Traveling: How It Can Save You Money

Tweet By Ryan Embly The summer travel season is over but your family wants to get in one last vacation before winter. If the seasonal rains haven’t arrived yet, you

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3 Top Adventure Holidays for Disabled Travellers

Tweet By Duncan Heath Traditionally, disabled travellers have been stuck with some very basic and mundane travel options as a result of travel and accommodation businesses not being geared up

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Top 5 Car Rental Tips For Summer Travelers

Tweet My family just returned from a quick trip back to our old home to see our family, an excursion we took by car. This year our small SUV seemed

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More Modest Vacation Plans On Tap This Summer

Tweet A Mintel study reveals vacationers are embracing the practical while eschewing the expensive. Five star vacations are a thing of the past. At least that is the conclusion of

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Low Airfares? Going Up!

Tweet Thursday’s issue of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) pointed out a trend that travelers need to take note of. In, “After Months of Sales, Airfares Take Off,” the WSJ

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How To Save Money On Your Next Cruise

Tweet Cruise ships provide some of the best opportunities for rest and relaxation of any kind of vacation option.  Meals, entertainment, cabin services and trip planning is handled by the

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You Can Save Money On Travel This Summer

Tweet Families who are making vacation plans for summer travel are understandably hesitant to commit their funds early on given the current economic climate. In addition, recent small increases in

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Confirmed: Air Travel Is Getting Cheaper

Tweet My neighbor is planning  a late spring trip to eastern Europe, a two week jaunt that will have her touring through five countries while spending a considerable amount of

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Exploring Your Transportation Options

Tweet Anyone who drives regularly knows that the price of gasoline has dropped recently, back to levels not seen since 2003. This is good news for motorists who have been

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Save Big Bucks Each Time You Fill ‘Er Up!

Tweet They say that membership has its privileges and, in the case of auto club society AAA, it has certainly proven that way for me. Several times over the many

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Budgeting Your Vacation Without Trimming The Fun

Tweet When the economy turns sour, do people cancel their vacations? Absolutely not. In fact, when families are feeling stressed, they’ll often escape the confines of their homes and businesses

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How To Save Money, Part 3: Fun

Tweet This is the final installment in a three-part series focusing on important ways you can save money on food, fuel, and fun. So you’re not going on vacation this