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How to Get Your SBA Small Business Loan

Tweet What are the chances that you will receive a small business loan from your bank? If you do apply for a loan from your bank and are approved, then

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Reliable Sources for Small Business Loans

Tweet Managing a small business means keeping a careful eye on your cash flow. In an ideal world, you would get paid when the money is due to arrive, but

Small Business

Steps to Acquire a Small Business Disaster Loan

Tweet When a disaster hits, residential, commercial and retail properties alike may be damaged or destroyed. If you own a small business your company may have been affected. Without quick

Small Business

Loan Criteria for Small Businesses

Tweet Qualifying for a small business loan can present a challenge for the emerging enterprise, but it is entirely possible that if you are organized and make a case that

Small Business

How to Approach Investors for Financial Backing

Tweet If you have a business idea that you want to launch, but lack the capital to start your endeavor, you can approach investors for support. Financial backing has helped

Small Business

5 Tips for Starting a New Business

Tweet If you are planning to launch a new enterprise, a business plan is essential to help guide you. Such plans outline what is required to get your business started

Small Business

7 Smart Legal Tips for Selling Your Business

Tweet You have decided to sell your business, desiring to retire and enjoy a much more relaxed pace of living. Following years, if not decades of investment, you want to

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What You Need to Know About Business Credit Cards

Tweet Business credit cards are so convenient, yet they can also be confusing. While many business cards are connected to your business account, some are tied in with your personal

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Commercial Financing Options for Small Businesses

Tweet For small business entrepreneurs seeking financial assistance, there are a few choices available to them. Interest rates can vary just as much as the loan choices, therefore it is

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How to Raise Money to Launch a Business

Tweet If there was, you would be out there picking off the dollars and starting your business in no time. Fortunately, there are ways for you to start a business,

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5 Smart Strategies for Qualifying for a Small Business Loan

Tweet A small business loan can also help, provided you follow established guidelines as set forth by the federal Small Business Administration and its banking partners. The following steps can

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Small Business Financing: Where to Find It

Tweet Five options for business owners to put money to work. They also need money, for without a steady flow of funds, even the most successful small business can soon