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September Is National Coupon Month!

Tweet Happy September…and a Happy National Coupon Month to you and yours. Yep, as odd as it sounds there is a month set aside each year to honor the much-maligned,

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More Back To School Shopping Tips

Tweet Back on July 27th, we featured several tips which were designed to help “back to school” shoppers save money as they prepare their kids for school this academic year.

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How To Save Money

Tweet As the recession lengthens, we’ll be hearing contradictory reports that it has eased, ended even worsened. There are a number of different metrics used to determine when a recession

Consumer Tips

Christmas 2008: Feast or Famine?

Tweet The holiday shopping season will soon be upon us or it could already be here judging by the early sales being conducted so far. Few retailers seem to wait

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Save Money On That Very Special Event!

Tweet Budget conscious consumers are sometimes faced with a dilemma when a special event comes to town: do they pay full price for the circus, fair, or play and risk

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Are You Anxious? Throw A Party!

Tweet You’ve just logged on to read your third quarter 401(k) statement and the news is not pretty. In fact, with your net loss pushing 20%, you imagine that it

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AAA Reports Travel Bargains Await Vacationers

Tweet A cool economy could make for some hot vacation deals High fuel prices and an economy teetering on the brink of recession may not keep people from traveling this

Money Management

Managing Your Money, Sensibly

Tweet The current credit crunch and subprime mortgage lending mess has a lot of consumers concerned, with some hoping that the federal government’s economic stimulus package will give the economy