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Financing the Recovery: the State of Europe’s Financial Sector

Tweet In principle, credit cycles are strongly correlated with economic cycles. On the one hand, access to external finance enables companies to pursue investment projects. Through the well-known financial accelerator

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Renovate Now or Wait Until the Market Improves?

Tweet Neighbors of ours completed an important renovation to their home in 2009, finishing the project even as the recession worsened. Wisely, they had a home equity line of credit

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Managing Your Business During Tough Times

Tweet Analysts say that the Great Recession which began in December 2007 came to an end some time last summer, but all evidence suggests that tough economic times are still

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Small Business Operators Remain Economically Cautious

Tweet If you are a small business owner, you’re understandably concerned about the economy and where it is heading. After nearly two years of recession, tepid recovery and looming tax

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Double Dip Recession Possible If Housing Slide Persists

Tweet Here’s an unpleasant thought: as the nation gradually pulls away from the worst recession in more than a generation, consumer confidence begins to wane and job creation evaporates. That

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Unemployment Hits 9.8%; Employers Continue To Shed Jobs

Tweet Unemployment continues to rise in the United States, hitting 9.8% in September. For the 21st consecutive month companies have shed more jobs then they created in a recession that

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Launching Your Business In Bad Economic Times

Tweet Many federal government officials and business analysts are declaring the most recent recession “over” a startling admission given sustained near double-digit unemployment and continued challenges in the real estate


Recession? Not In These States!

Tweet Unemployment continues to rise even as President Obama promised that it would stay below 8% if his multi-billion dollar spending package was passed as it was last winter. Through

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Your Obligations May Not End With A Short Sale

Tweet For most Americans, these are certainly challenging times. Specifically, for the majority of people alive today, they have no remembrance of the last major recession, the sharp downturn of

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Considering Foreclosure? Take These Steps First!

Tweet Don’t Give Your Home Up Without A Fight Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are facing imminent foreclosure, one of the largest groups of consumers to be in this position

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Zillow Says Most Americans Aware Of Home Value Decline

Tweet One of the most bitter pills Americans have had to swallow over the past year or more is the notion that the value of their homes has not only

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It Truly Is A Buyer’s Market For New Cars

Tweet My family isn’t planning to buy a new car in 2009 as we have decided to keep a pair of aging cars on the road for at least the

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Economic Recovery? Expert Says Not Before 2010.

Tweet Taking a look back at 2008, experts now realize that the country was in a recession the entire year, possibly kicking in as early as November 2007. Some experts

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Debt Solutions, Recession Style

Tweet We’re in a recession, we’re not in a recession. Depending on who you listen to and what barometer of measurement they use, we’ve either been in a recession since