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PayPal vs BitCoin: Virtual Money Smackdown

If you’ve recently been standing in line at the grocery store and the customer in front of you pulls out a checkbook, you probably groaned and tried to catch the eye of the person in front of you grasping the reality that wow, this outdated form of payment is still viable and accepted at many businesses today.

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Invoicing Made Easy: Do it Online

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, then you know what a hassle it can be to create, send, and manage your invoices. You put your heart into completing your work and that wasn’t the difficult part.

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Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Tweet Accepting credit card payments can expand your business and there are options you can take to make dealing in credit possible for you and your customers. Small business operators

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How to Quickly & Safely Send Money

Tweet You may have a credit card and could take out a cash advance or perhaps your card is maxed out or simply unavailable. If your cash on hand isn’t

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4 Businesses Improving Virtual Transactions for Companies

Completing a transaction online can be a headache for many people. Buying online means you cannot see and test your products before you purchase them.