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Career Planning

4 Qualities to Have When Seeking a Law Career

Carving out a career as a lawyer has always been one that many look at as impressive. Everything from all the years spent studying to gaining some first-hand experience on some high-profile cases, and the intense knowledge that can be gained from it results in you being highly regarded within the working world.

Career Planning

5 Factors to Consider Before Pursuing a Law Career

Where do you want to work after law school? How do you determine where to work and what firms aren’t suitable for you? Once you are out of graduate school and especially after passing your bar examinations, you should have already determined where to work.

Business Opportunities

Don’t Let Your Career as a Lawyer Go Down the Drain

At one point in your life, you must have reached a place where you felt like things were not going your way. You must have reached a point where everything was not making sense to you in terms of your career.

Career Planning

Career as a Lawyer- What it takes to be a Good Lawyer

Becoming a good lawyer requires hard work and dedication. The process involves years of learning, research and experience.

Career Planning

Profitable Positions: 5 of the Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get With a Law Degree

Many think that a law degree usually leads straight to becoming a lawyer, however, there are hundreds of career options for someone with a law degree.