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New House or Redecorate? Going Minimal Could Be The Best Approach!

Tweet By no means am I an interior decorator nor do I have much interest in that subject. But, I am a homeowner who understands that people need space to

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Home Improvement For Dummies

Tweet How to Get the Job Done Without Going Broke My apologies to the “For Dummies” franchise if I stole your title, but I couldn’t think of a better way

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Save Big Bucks Each Time You Fill ‘Er Up!

Tweet They say that membership has its privileges and, in the case of auto club society AAA, it has certainly proven that way for me. Several times over the many

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Family Entertainment, The Home Theater Way

Tweet Families have learned that one of the most important ways to create harmony and to foster cohesiveness is to spend some time together alone. But doing that means shutting

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Preparing Your Home For Cooler Weather

Tweet Summer’s time is almost over, a season of carefree activity, backyard barbecues, and trips to the lake or to the ocean. Already, some areas of the country are seeing

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How To Hire A Home Contractor

Tweet Your Home Remodeling Contractor If you’re planning to have any sort of renovation done to your home, whether that means rewiring the house, adding a family room, or replacing

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Adding A Half Bath — A Win-Win Renovation!

Tweet Before starting any home improvement project it is good to weigh your plans with the benefits that it will provide. After all, your budget sets the tone on what

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Hurricane Recovery: Taking Action!

Tweet Our article yesterday covered the steps necessary for the homeowner to take when an approaching hurricane requires evacuation or at least preparation to hunker down and ride out the

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Quick & Easy Home Curb Appeal Tips

Tweet If you are planning to sell your home or simply looking to update its appearance, you probably understand just how important “curb appeal” is to everyone. Buyers will make

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Steps To Finding A Quality Home Contractor

Tweet Whether you’re remodeling your current home or building a new house, the people who will be doing the work must be skilled and in most cases licensed to take

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Extend Your Swimming Season With A Pool Heater

Tweet Backyard Leisure Although I never have owned my own pool, I’ve visited quite a few homes where the owners have built backyard retreats centered on the pool, a barbecue,

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Choosing Your Home’s New Roof

Tweet Unless you move on a fairly regular basis, at some point you’ll have to replace your home’s roof at least once. A roof that does its job well is

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Building A Home? Design It Yourself!

Tweet If you’re considering have a home built to your specifications, then congratulations — you’re having a home built the way that you want it to look instead of settling

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Needing More Room: Should You Sell Or Renovate?

Tweet The house that you bought three, five, or even ten years or more ago was the perfect home for your needs at that time. Fast forward to today and

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Strike A New Mood By Repainting Your Rooms

Tweet Without a doubt, your first impression of any room in a home when entering it is often determined by the color of the walls, even more so than the