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Career Education

4 Reasons Why Healthcare Degrees are a Solid Financial Investment

Tweet The healthcare industry is very diverse, with many different degrees from which to choose. Here are the four main reasons that healthcare is one of your best choices when

Retirement Planning

Where do You Go Wrong in Retirement Planning?

You were told to start saving early in your life for retirement, and you did. But now in your mid-thirties, you feel you should have saved more, and spent less on clothes, movies and eating out.

Career Planning

Healthcare or Not? Five Factors to Consider in Choosing a Health Career

Are you looking for a future career field? If so, you might be thinking about a career in the healthcare field. It can be quite difficult to know what direction your career path can take, but there are certainly many reasons that people pick the healthcare route.

Consumer Tips

Maintaining Your Family’s Dental Health

Tweet Lack of routine dental care and not practicing good oral hygiene is a major cause of periodontal disease in adults. Proper oral hygiene should be taught and practiced at

Consumer Tips

How to Find Affordable Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is the fringe benefit most of us want, but either do not have or isn’t sufficient for our needs.

Money News

Florida Leads Nation in Offering Top Health Care

Some hospital visits are unplanned, requiring consumers to make an instant decision on seeking emergency care.