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Business Services

4 Key Steps for Launching a Small Business

Millions of new businesses are started each year from work-at-home freelance and daycare operations to financially-backed commercial enterprises.

Money Management

How to Join a Credit Union

Tweet Your local alternative to banks. Today, there are more than 11,000 credit unions across the country with more than 70 million Americans belonging to one. If you would like

Travel Tips

How to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation This Year

Tweet Keep your budget on track when traveling this summer. Fortunately for you, our family has already taken our trip this year, therefore the following seven tips can help you

Money Management

How to Reduce Your Closing Costs

Tweet Save thousands by being creative with your closing costs. There are ways for you to reduce your closing costs or at least spread these costs out to reduce your

Home Buying

Are Your Association Fees Out of Line?

Tweet Association costs can slam your budget. Associations have their pluses and minuses, and are certainly not for everyone, particularly for homeowners desiring freedom of expression including what color to

Home Financing

6 Ways to Save on a Mortgage This Year

Mortgage rates are on the rise, moving away from the historic low rates consumers enjoyed in 2010.

Home Financing

4 Strategies for Smart Mortgage Refinancing

Tweet As mortgage financing rates flirt with all-time historic low rates, consumers in a position to refinance their homes may want to consider doing so now. Inflation, when it eventually

Business Services Career Planning

4 Talents of the Successful Headhunter

Tweet Princeton University’s lexical database defines a headhunter as, “a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies.” But the word also has another meaning, “

Consumer Tips

What To Ask of a Credit Counselor

Tweet Consumers who are in a financial bind may end up turning to a credit counselor for guidance. This can be an effective way to help beleaguered Americans get their