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7 Energy Savings Strategies for Every Homeowner

Have you looked at your electrical bill lately? If so, it may have made a spike especially as summer approaches.

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6 Winter Energy Saving Tips That You Can Do Yourself

Tweet While energy prices are beyond your control, your personal habits are not. Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can conserve energy this winter and save

Reduce Bills

10 Things You Can Do to Save Money on Your Home Energy Costs

As a homeowner, you probably never turn away ideas for how to save more money on your home energy bills. There are plenty of changes that you can make to lower your costs on these expenses.

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Home Window Problems: Fix or Replace?

Tweet The problems you’re experiencing have to do entirely with your ability to open and close your windows with ease, something you may be able to rectify without replacing them.

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9 Ways to Keep Your Electric Bill Under Control

Tweet Hot summer days can take its toll on your energy budget. The first bill after a heat wave can curl your hair faster than humidity, forcing you to scramble

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Looking for an ENERGY STAR space heater? Give up now…

Tweet By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg Seen the forecasts for heating fuels prices? Yep, they’re going up again… so you may be looking into cheaper, more efficient ways to heat your home

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Appliance Rebate Program Overwhelms Websites

Tweet All fifty US states and six territories and the District of Columbia are participating in a federally funded appliance rebate program, one that has its roots in the American

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Enjoy Tax Credits For Energy Conservation

Tweet Who knew that conserving energy in the home can be so very beneficial financially? If you made a purchase in 2009 or are planning to make one in 2010

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Get $1500 Credit For New Windows, Doors

Tweet Although the credit wasn’t the reason why we purchased new windows in the first place, knowing that the federal government would provide as much as a $1500 credit for

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4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Usage

Tweet Our family no longer lives in the northeastern US, but we have relatives and friends that still do and they’re glad that they haven’t needed to use their air-conditioning

Home Improvement

Fed Tax Credit, Rebates For Select Home Improvement Projects

Tweet If you’re planning a home improvement project for this year or next, you may want to take a look at the legislation that President Barack H. Obama signed into

Consumer Tips

Winter Weather And Your Home Energy Budget

Tweet As the next round of cold weather pushes across the lower 48 states, homeowners are finding it very tempting to turn up the thermostat in order to keep their

Home Improvement

Smart Choice: Energy Efficient Windows

Tweet The Right Choice When it comes to putting together a home improvement project, choosing the right upgrades can save you time and money. Moreover, choosing the proper materials can

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7 Ways To Reduce Home Electricity Consumption

Tweet You Can Gain Control Over Your Electrical Bill Consumers are reeling from the sudden shoot up in fuel prices at the pump, paying $4 or more per gallon for

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Allow ENERGY STAR To Make Your Home More Efficient

Tweet Prices for electricity, gas, and other fuel sources are at record levels, putting serious pressure on family budgets across the US. Add in higher prices at the pump, a