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Helpful Tips To Keep Your Budget In Order

Tweet With the credit crunch upon us and who knows what else is lurking just beyond the horizon, lots of people are carefully watching their dollars, trying to stretch what

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Wise Car Financing Tips You Need To Know

Tweet The gloomy news affecting the economy right now can have you believing that absolutely nothing is going right. Even people who have long been accustomed to saying that the

Consumer Tips

Need Help With Budgeting? Websites That Can Help!

Tweet Millions of consumers are finding it difficult to make ends meet, living week to week on what they earn, hoping that they can keep up with their bills or

Credit Cards

You Can Still Find Excellent Credit Card Offers

Tweet If your credit is excellent or very good, you can still find some credit card deals that are worth taking. Over the past many months, credit requirements have tightened

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Why You Should Refuse To Cosign A Loan

Tweet Your adult offspring may come to you asking you to co-sign their loan. As a parent, you want to do what you can to help your children succeed, and

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You Can Opt-Out Of Pesky Sales Pitches

Tweet I average about three junk mail sales pitches per day and at least one call daily from telemarketers. This, despite having opted out of various telemarketing and bulk mail

Home Selling

Should You Short Sell Your Home?

Tweet If you are facing an irreversible financial problem, then to “short sell” your home is one method for possibly finding relief from an important debt obligation. With a short