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Consumer Financing

How to Avoid Compulsive Spending This Christmas

The weather outside is frightful. That’s all the more reason to hit the mall, right? Well, not if you have difficulty controlling your spending. Or perhaps you lack control completely.

Money Management

Seasonal Employment and How to Find It

No matter the time of year, companies are always looking for temporary help to supplement their staffs and to serve their customers. During the holiday season that demand tends to increase, especially in the retail sector.

The Game of Life

How to Handle Family Conflict This Holiday Season

Tweet With Thanksgiving behind you, chances are you already had your fill of family obligations. Those obligations, however, won’t go away unless you simply tell people you won’t participate in

Consumer Financing

What You Need to Know About Credit This Christmas

Christmas is certainly a most joyful time of the year, with the advent season providing weeks of enjoyment before the big day arrives. And on through New Year’s Day the merriment continues until early in Jan. when the first of your credit card bills arrive.

Consumer Tips

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Bargains

Black Friday is one of the most hyped marketing events of the year. The day used to represent when retailers began to make a profit for the year, with General Ledgers (G/L) going from red (representing a loss) to black (a profit) on that day.

Money News

Christmas Tipping: Who Gets What

My father-in-law worked as a doorman for more than 50 years at a Manhattan high-rise apartment. He did not make much money throughout the year, but at Christmas time he collected huge tips.

Consumer Tips

5 Wise Consumer Tips for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, consumers will find bargains on nearly everything. Stiff competition among brick and mortar and online retailers has made price-cutting a ‘year round endeavor.

Fun Stuff

You Can Start a New Family Tradition

Tweet If you want to build memory making moments that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren, you can start a new family tradition that is sure to

Consumer Tips

How to Organize a Last Minute Christmas Party

Tweet That event may be something you discussed with your neighbors around Labor Day, but no one has taken the initiative since then to make this happen. Christmas Gathering If

Consumer Tips

How to Stretch Your Christmas Budget

Tweet Quite easily, you can bust your budget, especially if you rely upon credit cards to cover some of those expenses. You can stretch your Christmas budget further this year.

Travel Tips

Save on Car Rentals for the Holidays

Tweet Save money on a car rental this Christmas. Though car rentals can be expensive, you enjoy the benefit of driving a new car, perhaps one with more room or

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

Tweet Christmas shopping savings galore. Early shopping is nothing new as consumers long ago learned that sales are held throughout the year, not just at Christmas time. Christmas shoppers want

Money Management

5 Labor Day Financial Planning Tips

Tweet These days, school has already started, your family has been scattered across the country and no one wants to eat outside. You may still have people over and grill