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Consumer Financing

Banks Vs.Credit Union: The Pros And Cons of Both

When it comes to your finances, you have the option of choosing a bank or credit union. You can get your financial needs taken care of at either, as both institutions offer the same or similar services.

Consumer Financing

Making the Choice of Credit Unions vs Banks (Pros and Cons)

This article describes in detail about the various benefits of the credit unions and the banks and the differences between the same.

Consumer Tips

Five Reasons To Choose A Credit Union Over The Bank

With international economies constantly being on a roller coaster ride and the banking world facing unprecedented failures and closures, you will naturally want to find a safe place for your money. Since the cookie jar is no longer an option, you have to look at smarter avenues that may be available.

Home Financing

Customized Loan Terms for Your Mortgage

Some home loan shoppers are under the impression that they’ll be offered a 30-year mortgage or perhaps a 15-year mortgage if they are able to swing the larger monthly payments.

Consumer Tips

The Advantages of Savings Accounts for Kids

Tweet Such accounts can be opened through your bank or credit union and provide a source for saving toward important goals including college and marriage. Interest rates on savings are

Consumer Financing

Land of Pharaohs, Pyramids and Good Banking!

Tweet Whether tourist or expatriate, from the UK or elsewhere, you might just be a little surprised by the inclusion of banking in the list. Think Egypt, think Tutankhamen, Cleopatra,

Consumer Financing

How to Apply for a Consumer Loan

Tweet Interest rates on secured loans are lower than unsecured consumer loans, thus you’ll strike a better deal with a lender if you can offer collateral. Personal loans are typically

Small Business

Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Tweet Accepting credit card payments can expand your business and there are options you can take to make dealing in credit possible for you and your customers. Small business operators

Money Management

What You Need to Know About Credit Unions

Tweet Should you put your money in a credit union? Unlike most banks, credit unions are member-owned financial institutions and are democratically controlled by its members. Credit unions exist to

Consumer Financing

ATM Card Activation Tips

Tweet Instead of waiting for your bank to open, you can access your money through an electronic teller machine that is tied in with your network or use other ATMs

Money News

How to Quickly & Safely Send Money

Tweet You may have a credit card and could take out a cash advance or perhaps your card is maxed out or simply unavailable. If your cash on hand isn’t

Consumer Financing

Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks?

Tweet Banks and savings and loan associations have long served local communities, but so have credit unions, a type of financial institution that may meet your personal financial requirements. Who

Consumer Financing

How to Save Money on New Car Financing

Tweet Still, there are ways you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your purchase by comparing prices, taking advantage of rebates and other special offers, and reducing

Money News

Bank of America Announces Nationwide Foreclosure Moratorium

Tweet America’s largest commercial bank, Bank of America, announced on Friday that it was stopping all foreclosure proceedings and the sale of already foreclosed homes. This move comes as the

Consumer Financing

Should You Take the Rebate or the Auto Financing?

Tweet If you’re planning to buy a new car, more than likely the dealer will offer you some sort of incentive to help persuade you to buy. Incentives usually always