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Business Services

E-invoicing Solutions For Businesses

The quest for a paperless office is nothing new: as far back as the 1960s, businesses were looking at ways to transfer data electronically. Those limited and complex systems of yesteryear are gone, replaced by far easier to use and sensible systems for remitting purchase orders, invoices, payment terms and other documentation.

Career Planning

Breaking Into The Surprisingly Exciting World of Accountancy

Yeah, yeah, accountancy might not seem like the sexiest of positions, everyone knows that. But, take a look past your stereotypical view of accountants – all grey-suited, middle-aged men, crunching numbers and speaking in binary boredom – and view the profession as it actually exists.

Small Business

Small Business Records and How to Get Organized

Tweet Behind the scenes your business records should be kept in order and accessible. When your records are organized you can access that information quickly and efficiently. Here is how

Tax Tips

6 Important Tax Tips for 2012

Tweet Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s holidays, but set aside some time now to get your tax planning in order right now. 1. Charitable donations. If you itemize your