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Financial Planning

Money Misery: 5 Signs You Should See a Financial Advisor

Money woes can adversely affect all areas of your life. As with many things in life, it’s better to address financial difficulties as soon as you begin experiencing them than to delay hoping that things will improve.

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5 Ways to Help Save You Money When Studying

Becoming a student can be overwhelming, especially if you are worried about finances and how you are going to fund your day to day costs.

Reduce Bills

4 Steps for Saving Energy and Money on Your Monthly Bills

Home energy bills are often a source of stress for homeowners. After all, you may never know how expensive these bills will be until you open the email or the envelope.

Retirement Planning

How to Plan for Retirement in Your 20’s – A Must Read

Planning for retirement is the last thing in the mind of a twenty year old. You just started working, why would you think about retirement in your 20’s?


Is Bitcoin a Good Investment Option?

Tweet What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin has become one of the greatest financial hurdles of our day and age. It is one of the latest transaction methods that has gone global

Reduce Bills

Cut Costs, Go Green & Become More Sustainable In 2018

Tweet If you are keen to reduce your monthly spending and be kinder to the environment at the same time, you will need to make some changes. Leading a greener


5 Tips to Become Better at Forex Trading

Tweet However, even if you’ve already managed to do this, there’ no reason why you shouldn’t keep working on getting better at forex trading. That’s why in this piece, we’ll


2018 – What are Some of the Best Companies to Invest In?

Tweet Make as much money as you can, for as long as you can. That should be your motto for 2018. This year is full of promise. Take advantage of

Money Management

Financial Commandments in Your 20’s

Tweet Finance is a broad term that can take several meanings which include; Finance can mean funding an enterprise or a person. It’s also the process where governments, individuals and


Should You Take Some Profits From the Roaring Stock Market?

Tweet A current NBC noted that today nearly 80% of all millennials are no longer investing in the stock market. Likewise, Forbes Magazine observed that only 37% of millennials are


7 Tips on How to Invest Wisely as a Small Business Owner

Tweet Every business whether small or big isn’t just about finding good ideas and working hard; it’s about making your business grow in sales. Therefore, take a look at the

Money Management

Cash on Hand: How the Way You Carry Money Can Affect Your Spending

Tweet The way you carry your money and the payment method you choose actually has a significant effect on your spending, though. Here’s how your spending can change based on