Splash Into Summer: How to Get Your Pool Ready for the Season

Splash Into Summer: How to Get Your Pool Ready for the Season
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    As summer approaches, the allure of sparkling pool waters becomes irresistible.

    However, preparing your pool for the season can be a daunting task, filled with technicalities and meticulous attention to detail.


This is where professional pool services come into play. Learn how enlisting the help of experts can ensure your pool is in perfect condition for the summer.

1. Initial Assessment and Cleaning

  • Removing the Pool Cover

    The first step professionals take is removing the winter pool cover. They begin by draining any accumulated water using specialized pumps, then carefully remove leaves and debris to avoid contaminating the pool. The cover is then cleaned, dried, and stored properly for the next season.

  • Clearing Debris and Inspecting the Area

    Professionals will clear the surrounding area of any fallen leaves, branches, or other debris that may have collected over the winter months. They meticulously inspect the pool deck, liner, tiles, and other structural components for any visible damage. Cracks, tears, or other issues are identified early on to prevent costly repairs later.

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2. Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

  • Checking the Pool Pump and Filter

    A thorough inspection of the pool pump and filter is crucial. Professionals will examine the pump for wear and tear, checking for leaks and ensuring all connections are secure. Depending on the type of filter—whether sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth (DE)—they will clean, replace, or backwash it to restore its optimal functionality.

  • Testing and Repairing the Heating System

    For pools equipped with a heating system, professionals will test it to ensure it operates efficiently. They clean out any debris from the unit, check for leaks, and perform necessary repairs to guarantee the heater works flawlessly throughout the swimming season.

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3. Water Chemistry Balancing

  • Comprehensive Water Testing

    Using advanced testing kits, professionals will measure the levels of chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness in your pool water. This precise analysis ensures that your pool’s water chemistry is perfectly balanced.

  • Chemical Adjustments and Additions

    Based on the test results, professionals make the necessary chemical adjustments. Here’s what they typically aim for:

    1. Chlorine: 1–3 ppm (parts per million)
    2. pH: 7.2–7.6
    3. Alkalinity: 80–120 ppm
    4. Calcium Hardness: 200–400 ppm

    These adjustments are done in stages to ensure even distribution and effectiveness, with follow-up tests to confirm that levels are within the recommended range.

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4. Deep Cleaning and Refilling

  • Scrubbing and Vacuuming

    Professional pool services include a deep clean of the pool’s surfaces. Using high-quality brushes and automated cleaners, they scrub the pool walls and floor to remove algae, dirt, and grime. Vacuuming removes the loosened debris, leaving the pool spotless.

  • Refilling the Pool

    If the water level is low, professionals will refill the pool to the optimal level, typically at the midpoint of the skimmer opening or the marked fill line. They ensure the water is added gradually to maintain the chemical balance.

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5. Pool Shocking

  • Importance of Pool Shock Treatment

    Shocking the pool is essential for eliminating bacteria and contaminants. Professionals handle this process with precision, using the appropriate amount of shock treatment based on your pool’s volume.

  • Detailed Shocking Process

    They pre-dissolve the shock treatment in water, then distribute it evenly around the pool’s perimeter. Running the pool pump continuously for a minimum of eight hours ensures thorough circulation and effectiveness of the shock treatment.

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6. Final Preparations and Safety Checks

  • Ensuring Safety Equipment Functionality

    Safety is paramount. Professionals check that all safety equipment, including pool covers, fences, gates, and alarms, are in excellent working order. Any damaged items are replaced promptly to ensure the pool area is secure.

  • Setting Up Poolside Accessories

    To complete the preparation, professionals set up poolside furniture, umbrellas, and flotation devices. They clean and arrange these items for immediate use, enhancing the overall ambiance. Additionally, they might suggest or install new accessories like lighting or a poolside bar for added enjoyment.

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Hiring professional pool maintenance services to prepare your pool for summer not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that every detail is meticulously handled.

With their expertise, you can dive into crystal-clear waters and enjoy a safe, refreshing, and well-maintained pool all season long. So, reach out to a trusted pool service company and get ready to splash into summer with confidence and ease!

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