How To Clean Your Own Windows & Gutters – Full Guide

How To Clean Your Own Windows & Gutters – Full Guide
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    As the days grow and the sun shines longer – you might start noticing dirt and streaks on your windows.

    It's unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

    With just a few easy tips and tricks, you can clean your windows like a pro – and your guttering too.


So, stay tuned as we discuss how to get that professional glistening, streak-free shine whilst cleaning your gutters and saving cash, all in one go…

Window and gutter cleaning often get put off as one of those jobs you’ll eventually get around to. Procrastination often comes because they seem like daunting and non-essential tasks, but they are more important than you think.

Why should you clean your windows?

Clean windows offer more than a clean, crisp look at the outside world. Cleaning them often delivers a range of unforeseen benefits such as:

  • Longer-lasting window frames
  • Fewer window damages
  • Improved inside air quality when vents and windows are open
  • Helping maintain the energy efficiency of your house

The dirt and debris build-up from hard water, acid rain and everyday rain can impact your windows in many ways, so even giving them a six-monthly clean can help in the long term.

Why should you clean your gutters?

Without gutters, all the rain from your roof would fly off at any angle, potentially damaging other parts of your home and garden. Once they’re in place, gutters work to direct the flow of water to a safe deposit area away from any foundations or dangerous places.

You should aim to keep your gutters clean so that the water it collects continues to go where it needs. A clogged gutter can result in a build-up of water that could overflow onto the brickwork and potentially damage your home.

How to clean your windows and gutters

The easiest (and potentially safest) option is to get a professional window cleaner to sort your windows and gutters for you. They will have a complete window cleaning kit and all the guttering tools needed, including purified water, a long-handled window cleaning brush and pole, and more.

They’re usually affordable too, and often offer subscription services where they come to you every couple of months, but the costs can rack up. So, if you want to save money in the long term and learn a new skill, cleaning your windows and gutters yourself is the way to go.

Window Cleaning Tools:

– Long-handled brush 
– Telescopic sponge and squeegee
– Warm water
– Vinegar and/or washing up liquid
– Step Ladder

  1. Start by brushing all the surface debris away with the dry broom.
  2. Mix the water, vinegar and washing up liquid together – don’t make it too bubbly.
  3. Extend the sponge pole and dip it in the mixture before soaking the window.
  4. Then use the squeegee side to wipe away most of the water.
  5. If you can, dry the glass with a fluff-free microfibre cloth for a streak-free shine.
  6. If the pole does not reach the higher up windows, use the step ladder for additional height, but make sure you have someone supporting you.

Alternatively, for lower-level windows with easy access both inside and out, there is a range of premade window cleaning solutions to give a streak-free sheen.

Gutter cleaning tools:

– Telescopic Gutter hook or cleaner
– Enough Gutter Brush in the correct size for your gutters
– Step Ladder

  1. Extend the pole as far as it will go and attach it to a hose if needed.
  2. Use the ladder for additional height, but make sure you have someone supporting you.
  3. Use the hook to loosen and pull out any debris along the gutter.
  4. Using your hose, pour some water into the gutter to see if it’s draining better. If the gutter is empty but no water is draining, you may have a blockage in your drainpipe, which will need professional attention.
  5. To prevent further build-ups, install hedgehog gutter brushes along the whole length.

How often should you clean your windows and gutters?

You can clean your windows as often as they’re dirty, but a good rule of thumb is to clean your home windows at least twice a year. Aim for days when it’s not too sunny or warm so that the water doesn’t evaporate on contact with the hot glass – morning or late afternoons are a good option.

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Choosing the right time will help prevent streaks and allow you to see any missed dirt more easily.

For gutters, aim for once a year. However, with the gutter brushed installed, you may be able to do it even less. Spring and autumn are the best times to clean your gutters, just before and after the leaves start to fall.

Now you have the basics of window and gutter cleaning, you can choose whether to get a professional or DIY and learn a new skill. Just remember to be safe, choose the right time and look after your home.

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