Stress-Reduction Tips for Goal-Oriented Entrepreneurs

Stress-Reduction Tips for Goal-Oriented Entrepreneurs
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    A major challenge any business owner faces is how to keep their company growing and thriving without sacrificing their own personal health and well-being.


Entrepreneurship can easily take over one’s entire life, especially in the early days, or during times when you are focused on making big changes or meeting new goals. While some stress is just part of the job, it shouldn’t interfere with your enjoyment of your work or the well-being of your business. outlines some things you can do to alleviate stress while remaining dedicated to your business.

Surround yourself with supportive individuals

When you are running a business that is values-driven and believe in the importance of incorporating world-changing goals into business ventures, you may sometimes run into people who don’t understand or appreciate what you are trying to accomplish.

It’s great to be challenged sometimes, but, as HealthHub points out, it’s even more important to have a network of friends or associates who get what you are doing and appreciate its importance.

Set clear boundaries

If you are the kind of person who dreams big about your business goals while simultaneously pursuing your values and principles, you probably are also the kind of person who tends to take a lot on,and has trouble saying “no.”

While this work ethic is commendable, it can also get you into trouble, if you don’t figure out where to set your boundaries and accept that it’s sometimes fine to say no.

Learn to delegate

Similarly, micromanaging every aspect of your company may be a temptation. But it is a temptation you must resist, for our own sake, for the sake of your employees, and for the overall well-being of your business.

Micromanagement seldom leads to anything but frustration for all concerned. You also need to be careful about making multitasking your norm.

A little bit of juggling is fine, but at some point, you simply won’t be able to keep all the balls in the air at once. Instead of micromanaging or multitasking, DDI suggests learning how to delegate clearly and effectively.

Keep every aspect of your business well organized

Lack of organization will have a negative impact on just about every part of your business, while also increasing your stress levels. For instance, if you don’t have a clearly organized schedule, so you and every member of your team know the week’s agenda, you’ll end up wasting time and energy fixing problems that should never have occurred.

If your office or workspace is cluttered and disorganized, this makes it harder for you to find necessary documents or equipment, and more difficult to focus on your work. On top of this, simply being in a cluttered space can increase your stress levels, making you more anxious and less satisfied with your work.

Use the right software to get the job done

These days, having the right software, apps, and other tools is basically like having a host of highly proficient personal assistants at your beck and call. You don’t need to waste valuable working hours dealing with things like inventory management or payroll, when there are tech tools that will take care of it for you, efficiently and affordably.

If you aren’t using software and apps to help you get the job done, find out which tools are out there that you could be using, and make that investment.

Run your business like a business

This may sound obvious, but the reality is, some entrepreneurs make the mistake of cutting corners, thinking it will save time. But neglecting to do things like getting the right insurance or licenses can backfire, drastically.

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You also need to be sure you have your business correctly formed and registered as a legal entity, such an LLC, to take full advantage of tax breaks and keep your company running smoothly.

While it’s unavoidable that running your business is sometimes going to feel a little stressful or a little overwhelming, it should not feel that way all the time. You should be able to get into a groove where aspects of your company run themselves.

And above all, you should always find running your company rewarding.

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