Reasons Why Every College Grad Needs a Business Card

Reasons Why Every College Grad Needs a Business Card
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    Why do recent college grads need their own business cards?

    Even in the midst of the digital age, a classic business card will do you well.

    They’re not just for business owners!


A sleek, well-designed business card with your name and contact information could be the key to getting your first job and making a good impression on potential employers.

Here are some compelling reasons why every college grad needs a business card.

It’s an Introduction

A handshake and a greeting aren’t enough to make an impression on a potential employer. You may not have your resume handy, but you can cement your name in somebody’s mind by creating a memorable business card. Have your name printed front and center so they won’t forget it.

Even if you’re not actively on the job hunt, you meet new people all the time. A business card is handy in everyday life, too! When you meet potential friends or dates, avoid staring at screens as you swap social media handles. Just hand them a card.

It’s a Networking Tool

Once you graduate, the pressure is on you to find a job that speaks to your skill set. Networking events are effective for this purpose: you get to meet all kinds of people who are also looking for connections.

If you’re not a business owner, you still have valuable information to print on your card—what do you do well? What’s your field?

Place a few words under your name to tell people what you’re all about. “Actor, Writer, Producer” or “Math and Science Tutoring” tell potential connections what you have to offer them.

It’s a Professional Impression

Once you’re no longer a student, the adult world can be tricky to navigate. How do you do this “adulting” thing? It feels like the other grown-ups have been doing it forever and are much better at it.

Here’s a little secret: everyone is playing pretend. Your parents, your professors, and all the other “real” adults in your life have been exactly where you are. The key to making a confident and professional first impression on someone is, as the saying goes, to fake it ‘til you make it.

When you walk into a networking meeting or conference, a friendly smile and a crisp business card will show that you know what you’re doing. As you practice standing tall and handing out cards, it’ll come more naturally. That business card marks you as a young professional, even if you still feel like a kid inside.

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As you transition from the academic world to the professional sphere, make sure you’ve got a stack of business cards handy. Don’t just stand there exchanging social media information on your phone!

A physical card is more professional, more personal, and shows that you are a conscientious, goal-oriented adult. Take these reasons why every college grad needs a business card to heart.

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