Subtle Bad Habits That Are Raising Your Auto Insurance Bills

Subtle Bad Habits That Are Raising Your Auto Insurance Bills
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    Do you get frustrated when your car insurance premium comes due, and you see it has gone up again?

    You might be wondering why you are paying higher premiums when your car is getting older.


Here are some things you are doing that may potentially be raising your annual car insurance costs. Be sure to read through and take note of the things that might stick out to you.

Careless Traffic Tickets

Running red lights, speeding through a school zone during restricted hours, and failure to fully stop your car at a stop sign are bad habits that can get you cited by the police. These are easy behaviors to fix, and you can save hundreds of dollars a year by avoiding careless driving habits like these.

More important, you may save lives, including your own, by operating your vehicle according to state driving guidelines that keep everyone safe. Numerous traffic citations will raise your car insurance rates.

There is simply never a reason to be careless on the road. There are no excuses.

Reckless Driving

The way you drive your car counts for a lot, especially to insurance companies. Though they might not be riding shotgun with you each time you step behind the wheel, your driving habits can still make a big difference.

Things like excessive acceleration, speeding, and trying to drift around corners will all put you in danger of getting into an accident. The more accidents you are involved in, the higher your rates are going to be.

Be sure to drive carefully wherever you might happen to go, and under no circumstances should your race. Racing on city streets is illegal and is incredibly dangerous.

Take care to give drivers around you plenty of room to navigate the roadway. That way, you will be able to drive better, and in a safer manner.

Low Credit Score

You might be surprised to learn that your auto insurance premiums could be impacted by your consumer credit score. Many insurers calculate an insurance score that includes your credit rating, which is determined by things like whether you pay your bills on time and manage your debt-to-income ratio.

Ask your car insurance agent whether an insurance score is used to decide your insurance premium, and if so, find out how to raise your score. This will help you in the future.

Inadequate Vehicle Protection

Although you might not have a garage to park your car in at home, there are other things you can do to protect your vehicle from loss or damage. One easy thing is to lock the car doors when the vehicle is not being driven. You can also cover your car with a large tarp or canvas cloth to protect it from the elements.

Keep your car well maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations with regular oil changes and tires with adequate tread as well as routine checkups and tune-ups. Cars in poor condition can depreciate quickly and experience road hazard problems that may affect your insurance rates.

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Not Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

Shop around for the best car insurance rates available. Sometimes a policy package that includes your house and other insurables can lower your car insurance premium.

Ask about hidden costs like paying premiums more often just once a year. When two or three years pass after a traffic citation or minor car accident, ask whether your rates can be adjusted.

Changing a few basic driving habits and asking questions may help to lower your car insurance premiums substantially. Ask your insurer how to qualify for reduced car insurance.

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